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Relived Eternally


New member
Nov 4, 2023
Hi everyone. I figured I'd link my ARG/Unfiction project, Relived Eternally. If I count the initial brainstorming stage I've been working on this for over five years. It uses YouTube, Reddit, Twitter, soundcloud, discord and visual novel segments to facilitate gameplay and story. Heavy on ciphers and puzzles but the story and interaction is well fleshed out also. The best way to introduce yourself is probably the YouTube channel, here. If you are in a reading mood, I am lucky enough to have an excellent and very dedicated archivist as a player. She has written a very detailed and hefty google doc detailing most of the events over the years. It's well over 400 pages. You can read it here. There have also been crossovers with other ARGs including Jovian Cove (formerly Pie Writes and WickHeck) and Rhee's Rapture, as well as a big shout out video to a bunch of ARGs at the time. Not all of them are still around or current, but it was a blast to make.

I would love to hear your thoughts and feedback or answer any questions you might have.