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Howdy! I'm Shiina


New member
Nov 5, 2023
Heyo everyone! My name is Shiina and I'm currently a software engineer by day and an archivist by night. I've been an unfiction fan and player since I was a kid. The game that got me hooked was Valve's Potato Sack. I'm currently working on some solo archival projects to try to help in preserving this media and immersive media in general.

Outside of that, I'm a huge retro anime and manga fan as well. I've been recently archiving in this area too so lots of scanning and physical media preservation.

Hope to chat more on here and meetings other folks!
I'm working on making a more indexable and searchable database for ARG/Unfiction projects and also archiving current ARG communities. Since a lot of communities have shifted towards discord, I've been researching a way to better format and archive them since discord can erase servers anytime. I also try my best to backup unfiction project sites to the wayback machine when I have time.

I guess right now I'm more of an archival tool developer right now. I've been slowly tipping my toe in the pool again with these projects.