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Argylle movie and book


Nov 11, 2023
In seeing a promotion for the upcoming movie Argylle today, it hit me that there might just be an ARG going on. Um, that's LITERALLY an ARG because under our collective noses the title of the book (coming Jan. 9, 2024) and film (premiering Feb. 2, 2024) can be seen as ARGylle (!). In a sense, they are giving evidence that this is not a coincidence because it quickly occurred to me that the leftover "ylle" (backwards) is Elly. Elly is the meta "author" of the book and also is the character of Elly Conway in the movie, played by Bryce Dallas Howard. There has been no evidence of any real person named Elly Conway, even though Apple+ has reportedly paid $200,000,000 for the rights. Yeah, $200 million. There is supposed to be three films made. Additionally, "Swifties" have been saying that they believe that Taylor Swift is linked to the film. She has three Scottish Fold cats and also sells and uses argyle sweaters. Taken from a Google search, "Argyle is a pattern that comes from the tartan of Clan Campbell of Argyll in western Scotland. The tartan was used for kilts and plaids, and the patterned socks worn by Scottish Highlanders since at least the 17th century. These socks were generally known as 'tartan hose'." Just recently, I spotted a photo of Taylor wearing earrings that (to me) are a direct reference to the argyle pattern of diamonds separated by a cross. Taylor does claim Scottish ancestry. It remains to be proven that Taylor has any connection to the book/movie.Screenshot (9426).pngScreenshot (9482).png
I have known about this at the same time as I posted my original comments but for some reason didn't include them. In poking around the web, I saw that there are a lot of similarities to the 1968 episode (really a film) of The Saint, starring Roger Moore (before he was Bond). https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Saint_and_the_Fiction_Makers The movie is viewable on many platforms and seems to parallel the new film. Thus, this makes it even more curious that Apple+ would cough up $200 million on something that was not original. Instagram quickly took down my comments but I won't claim a conspiracy here. I did break the rules by "promoting" Reddit. I hope that my mention of Instagram and Reddit and YouTube here doesn't rule-break. It's part of the story/puzzle. There are several movie teasers for Argylle to be found.
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If I understood the director right, the new book is NOT about the movie that is being released in the context that it is "Book 1" while the film is "Book 4." Yes, he mentioned how George Lucas began Star Wars with episode 4 and it seems that he is echoing that.
I just checked Instagram and a new photo was shown. They are definitely teasing. One member was able to identify the photo as coming from The Maker Hotel in Hudson, NY. It might be coincidence but is "The Maker" a clue to "The Fiction Makers?" There is a lighthouse and a train station nearby. [EDIT: I knew there was a reason that I mentioned finding this. Trains as well as lighthouses have a bright light. The lighthouse warns ships of danger and the train engine uses the light to see ahead and to warn those in its path at night of the oncoming danger.] The hotel has 11 rooms, a library, and four suites. Hmm, a deck of playing cards has four suites. The photo from Instagram also has a chess set (another game). The four suites in The Maker Hotel are named the Architect, the Artist, the Writer, and the Gardner. The hotel has a lot of hanging artwork (and books in the library).


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I was about to retire for the night but I was bugged a little by the writing term of "the Architect" also being "The Architect" character in The Matrix films. I began to juxtapose Meta vs. Matrix and found this recent clip. I don't know if this has any connection to the film but it's interesting to consider. There have been so many books and movies, etc. that deal with this. The Neverending Story, The 13th Floor (one of my favs from 1999 and released next to The Matrix), Inception, etc. etc. etc. Who's to say that Argylle doesn't have more than two layers? They really don't need to go deeper than what has been revealed as a meta movie/book. Regardless, AI is certainly the current buzzword as is the Multiverse in pop culture.
I was having breakfast just now and was thinking about how (to me) the metaverse (and Argylle) can be thought of as a reflection, as in a mirror. Alice Through the Looking Glass, as it were. I found this short article and thought it was interesting. I'm going to try to contact this person although I know I cannot possibly afford his rates. https://www.bbntimes.com/society/reflecting-on-the-metaverse
This would obviously be too far fetching to consider but I'll include this for fun. The first Kingsman movie was almost 9 years ago. The director of Argylle (Matthew Vaughn) has said that his new movie is within the Kingsman universe. The Kingsman organisation is named for the tailor shop in Savile Row used as a front for their operations. I'll juxtapose tailor with Taylor... Like I said, this is for fun. :) Perhaps this isn't coincidence but engineered (like the tailor shop) as a cover/distraction. THAT might have more of a chance of working.
I now have my copy of Argylle. Someone on reddit a year ago quoted this:
"From the German E-book description
Forget Bond! Here comes Argylle, Aaron Argylle! - The book from Matthew Vaughn's new blockbuster film!"
I thought that because of this, Argylle's first name was Aaron. However, at the beginning of the actual book it's revealed as "Aubrey." One meaning of it is "elf or magical being." 1 out of every 11,927 baby boys born in 2021 are named Aubrey. So, it's a rare name for a boy. As to my theory that Argylle is related to "The Saint and the Fiction Makers," there is also a saint in history.
Alberic of Cîteaux, OSB, Abbot (AC)
(also known as Aubrey)

Died at Cîteaux (near Dijon), Burgundy, France, on January 26, 1108. "Near Dijon" (in my nutzo mind) reminded me of a recent Instagram post by "Elly Conway." "Near" to the Dijon mustard are pigs in blankets. If I look up the Scottish meaning of these, they are called "Kilted soldiers." Alberic's feast day, together with that of Robert of Molesme and Stephen Harding, is celebrated on 26 January. That's in two weeks.


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This, like some of my observations, might be easily dismissed as coincidence. I do have a good track record however of things that turn out correct later. Although I am only at chapter 11, I'm making this "connection." I have studied 2OO1: A Space Odyssey quite a bit and because of that here is my thought. In the "stargate" sequence of 2OO1, there are seven diamonds shown. Stanley Kubrick left them unexplained as he did most of the film so that viewers could make up their own mind for meaning. While there are quite a few diamonds/rhombuses on the Argylle book cover, there are only seven on the spine. I did look at the end of the novel and the last page (and this is what was interesting to me) mentioned "star charts." In a Spy novel? Hmm. I'll go ahead and mention another crazy thought. In the trailer, Sam Rockwell's character of Aiden describes what he does as "espionage." If I break up the word, I can make ESP, ION, and AGE. We know what ESP is and ion age can mean the era we are entering as batteries are gaining much more use than ever before. If I combine ESP with "battery," this might mean "power of the mind," "mind over matter," and then might connect to my thoughts re: 2OO1 and those diamonds. This is a far stretch beyond a spy novel but I came up with something similar in 2008 when watching an ABC series called Life on Mars. I was the only one who made the leap and after over 20,000 views on a forum with no one believing my found bread crumbs I was proven correct. A producer/writer of the series found out about me and we had a phone chat in 2010 where he said he only found my solution on the web. Just a few days ago I claimed a "find" of a major hidden Easter egg in the title card of 2OO1 where I finally saw a link to the catchphrase of Buzz Lightyear. I did find a similar connection from a math blog about ten years ago but he took it from the easily viewed last act title card. I took the harder path and discovered it as a hidden one in that title card we see at the film's beginning. I might even imagine it connecting to all of my comments here as well. Getting back to the book cover and as I mentioned that there are a lot of diamonds on the face, the "spine" is important to anything living or constructed. Just ask any alien "Predator." :)


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In looking into the name Aiden, I found this. Oh, St. Aidan of Iona (Scotland) ALSO includes the word "ion." Coincidence?


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I found this randomly (or was guided to it by the Collective Unconscious). We know that Argylle is said to be part of the Kingsman universe. The HQ of the Kingman tailor storefront was at 11 Savile Row. As it happens, the Apple HQ of the Beatles was at 3 Savile Row. o_O #MagicalMysteryTour
As always, your mileage may vary. I "saw through" the comment on Instagram 4 hours ago re: high maintenance hair as "High Maintenance HARE." Taking the hint that a rabbit was involved, I "leaped" to this: HMH Into Reading.


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How about this? Argylle as "Guile" ??? This might suggest that Agent Argylle isn't pure and upstanding. This doesn't necessarily mean a bad thing (IE: Deceptiveness, deceit, fraud, duplicity, dishonesty) as it also means crafty, clever, cunning, astuteness. Context is important and in how you view it as either bad or good. "Guile" is an obsolete form of the word "gold". So... "Our Guile?"
How about this? Argylle as "Guile" ??? This might suggest that Agent Argylle isn't pure and upstanding. This doesn't necessarily mean a bad thing (IE: Deceptiveness, deceit, fraud, duplicity, dishonesty) as it also means crafty, clever, cunning, astuteness. Context is important and in how you view it as either bad or good. "Guile" is an obsolete form of the word "gold". So... "Our Guile?"
This does remind me of "Artful Dodger."
The term "dodger" refers to a pickpocket's skill and cunning. In Charles Dickens' Oliver Twist, the character Jack Dawkins is a pickpocket known as the "Artful Dodger".
What role does Artful Dodger play in Oliver Twist?
The Artful Dodger acts as a foil to Oliver Twist. Although both boys follow similar journeys, Oliver chooses to leave the life of crime which unknowingly rewards him with wealth. Jack continues on the life of crime, which is pushed onto him by an adult he trusts, which leads him to be severely punished.
What did Oliver learn from Artful Dodger?
The Artful Dodger quickly befriends Oliver. Fagin has the Artful Dodger train Oliver in the crafts of pickpocketing and thievery.
What happened to Dodger in Oliver Twist?
The Artful Dodger is found with stolen goods and found guilty. It is hinted at that he is sent to Australian colonies to serve his sentence.
Since we all have a choice in life, I choose Oliver Twist over Jack Dawkins. How's that for a "twist?" :)
Does this let the cat out of the bag?
I really don't want to add to the theory that Taylor is somehow involved but this just popped into my mind. I have already connected ARG with Alternate Reality Games. "In Greek mythology, the Argo was a ship built with divine help that carried Jason and the Argonauts on a journey to retrieve the Golden Fleece. The ship's name comes from its builder, Argus, and means "swift" in Greek." So, Argylle, Argus, Swift? Or, are we being "fleeced?" :)
It has been weeks since I received my book. When I received my hardback copy of Argylle on January 10, the first thing I did was to look at how many pages it had. "Something" told me that it might hold meaning. I should know by now that waving off things to share, knowing that I will get criticized as being "far fetched," should not hold me back. I didn't do that 15 years ago when I had the CRAZY theory of where the US ABC series Life on Mars was going after only watching one episode and later it being proved 100% when the finale aired. So, here is what I observed. The book ends on page 365 (the days in a year). Um, the page is NOT numbered. The next page is blank BUT the following page (Author Apology and Acknowledgements) is numbered 367. Thus, the blank page is counted (!). The last two pages with text are a continuation of AAaA and "About the Author." Thus, it could be argued that there are exactly 369 pages. As a side note, there are seven As. There are seven diamonds in the ARGYLLE title card and book spine. I mentioned before how I thought these seven diamonds might be connected to the stargate sequence in 2OO1: A Space Odyssey. Last year, I learned about Vortex Math. From a website quoting Nikola Tesla:
"If you only knew the magnificence of 3, 6 and 9, you would have a key to the universe”.
If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration”.
“My brain is only a receiver, in the Universe there is a core from which we obtain knowledge, strength and inspiration. I have not penetrated into the secrets of this core, but I know that it exists.”

As another side note, humanity went to the moon in '69. There were three astronauts. 369? Coincidence?

Oh, David Bowman in 2OO1 was taken to a higher dimensional place. One of the core concepts of 369 Vortex Math is that it involves a fourth (and to us, un-seeable) dimension. The later film Interstellar (like 2OO1, one of my very favorites), dealt with higher dimensions.
In those last two pages of Argylle where the seven A's are there, I even see a meaning in the lower case "t." I recently watched the 2015 film Tomorrowland (which is another movie I like very much) and the pin is a letter T that, when touched, allows you to enter well, you need to watch the film, lol.


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I missed it when I read on page 202 (I'm at 240 right now) that when Argylle mentions his idea (which was laughed at initially) of the two conjoined bracelets making a star map and his mentioning of the zigzag pattern being Cassiopeia, that Cassiopeia is a W. This is exactly what the 05742 pattern in the 369 traces. Using the ancient phrase "As Above, So Below," 78012 makes an M. In a case of synchronicity, the other day I enjoyed a Mars bar and noticed a zig-zag pattern on the bottom. Even though it is easily explained as a pattern left in the candy bar manufacturing process (the cooling "enrober" curtain on mass produced bars), I saw M's and W's in it. Even though the Mars candy company was an American company, the son went to England and, using his father's recipe (which he himself contributed to it with the caramel) made and marketed the Mars bar. In the U.S. it was known as the Milky Way. That coincidentally uses M and W...


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